Contemporary Fashion Photographers



Page 17: Jean-Francois Carly

Page 30 & 31 Timothy Barnes

David Slijper

Page 52: Fergus Padel

Page 62: Klaus Thymann

Page 66: Lukas Wassmann

Felix Larher
Christiane Wohler
Kai Junemann
Kevin Mackintosh
Andrew Burmeister
Mel Bles
John Akehurst
Dirk Seidenschwan
Carlotta Manaigo
Anoush Abrar & Aimee Hoving
Magda Wunsche
Pierre Winther
Anuschka Blommers & Niels Schumm
Albert Watson
Jens Schmidt
Alex Salinas
Norbert Schoerner
Timur Celikdag
Giampaolo Sgura
Jennifer Tzar
Sarah Maurer
Josh Olins
Olivia Fremineau
Phil Knott
Dennis Schoenberg
Nicolas Wagner
Bruno Fournier
Ben Rayner
Philippe Biancotto
Sven Banziger
Mark Squires
David Roemer
Laura Sciacovelli
Andrew Yee
Nicolas Hidiro Glou
Bernd Preiml
Steven Lyon
Matthieu Deluc
Wendy Bevan
Lee Strickland
Ryan Pfluger
Thierry Le Goues
Damien Blottiere
Philip Gay

Fifty contemporary, cutting-edge photo-graphers open our eyes to the magical artificiality embraced by fashion photography today: chronicling the very processes of fashion, fashion photography is like fashion itself - it celebrates the immediate, the frivolous and the ephemeral. The striking images in this book playfully flirt with superficiality as readily as they take on the more established aesthetic conventions of art photography. Ingrained with paradox and contradiction fashion photography mirrors the moods and desires of the moment. And more: self-referential as it is by nature, it is able to appeal not only to the eye, but also to the mind, questioning the very limits of desire, meaning and representation. Frivolously fabulous fashion at its best.
27 x 29 cm
10,5 x 11,5 in.
500 pages hardcover
text in english german french spanish italian
ISBN 978-3-86654-077-4

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